lovrijenac fortress

Fort Lovrijenac

About Fort Lovrijenac

Fort Lovrijenac has a basically triangular shape with three levels and was defended by ten large cannons, the largest and most famous of which was called the “Lizard”. The walls facing the sea are up to 12 meters thick, but on the eastern side facing the town the walls are only 60 centimetres thick. This construction was deliberate: in case that the Fort was taken by an enemy it could easily attacked directly from the city walls and fort Bokar.

Above the door leading to the fortress, there is a famous inscription carved in stone: “Non Bene Pro Toto Libertas Venditur Auro” (“Freedom cannot be sold for all the gold of the world”).

As one of the Game of Thrones locations, Fort Lovrijenac appears in many scenes, one of the most significant being the tournament in honour of King Joffrey’s name day.