The Ethnographic Museum Rupe

About the Ethnographic Museum Rupe

Today you will find the Ethnographical Museum in a 16th century building known as Rupe (meaning simply ‘holes’ in English) whose original function was as a granary. Deep silos, 17 of them, were carved deep into the rock and used to keep grain dry and at a constant temperature of about 17˚ C. Under the Republic the storage of grain was strictly controlled by the government, including a system of free issue to the needy.

Today the Rupe is used as the Ethnographic Museum and keeps a collection of various traditional costumes and displays on the theme of agriculture and rural architecture.

But the Rupe Museum was also used as a location for the Game of Thrones filming and several scenes were filmed here. This is where, in Season 4, Tyrion Lannister meets Oberyn Martell. Then in Season 5 you may remember when High Septon walks naked through the streets, forced by a group of Sparrows: that was filmed in the street of the museum, now a quiet residential area.