rectors palace inside

The Rector’s Palace

About the Rector’s Palace

The Rector’s Palace had a central role in the Dubrovnik Republic. Today it is still one of the most significant monuments in Dubrovnik. The Palace was built in the mid 15th century in Renaissance and Gothic style with some Baroque details.

It gained more recent importance in the Game of Thrones. The front of the Rector’s Palace is the backdrop for the scene when Daenerys Targaryen asks the Spice King of Quarth for ships to take her army across the Narrow Sea.

Apart from visiting another Game of Thrones location it is worth taking the time to visit Rector’s Palace as it is today – one of the Museums of Dubrovnik where you can see many examples of the rich heritage of the Dubrovnik Republic – portraits, original keys of the city gates, documents, and much more….