Fort Minceta

About Fort Minceta

One of the great symbols of Dubrovnik is the Minceta fortress. It is one of four forts on the city walls and towers magnificently over the town. Work on this impressive edifice began in 1319. Initially it was planned as a quadrilateral structure, but during its history, due to various historical circumstances, it became a round tower. The famous architect Michelozzo adapted the shape for modern warfare techniques. But that was not the end of the work: when Michelozzo left the City the architect famous for the Cathedral in Sibenik, Juraj Dalmatinac, completed the work. Today from Minceta you can look out on the most beautiful view over Dubrovnik. This impressive fort with its round shape and gothic crown becomes the perfect setting for several scenes.

With nine guns, and one bronze cannon made by Ivan Rabljanin Minceta had a crucial role in the defence of Dubrovnik. It took its name from the family Mencetic who owned the land where Minceta fortress stands today.